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Gardening with Fernbank Science Center

Join Fernbank Science Center staff, Master Gardener volunteers and special guests in our Demonstration Garden and Library to learn best practices for a sustainable home garden. From plant selection to soil health to pruning and maintenance, these classes will include hands-on demonstrations as well as lectures and Q&A.
2nd Saturday of the month Noon - 3:00 P.M. Scroll Down to Learn More.

Fernbank Science Center

9/8: Fall Vegetable Gardening and Perennial Maintenance

Learn what vegetables to plant now to reap a harvest before and after first frost. Also learn about best practices for fall care of perennial gardens, and the importance of leaving seedheads and other debris for the garden ecosystem.


10/13: Gardening for Pollinators: Plant Selection and Habitat Considerations

Native bees and other pollinators rely on not just flowers, but also need places to raise their young. Learn about the different native bees and butterflies you might find in your home garden and how to attract more.


11/10: Composting: Worms, Bins and Tea

We will explore Fernbank Science Center’s staff several compost demonstration methods, build a compost pile, and learn how to make worm bins and compost tea. We will also look into the microscopic world of the soil food web and learn why it’s important and how to nourish it.


12/8: Tree Care: Selection, Planting, Pruning and Maintenance

This class will focus on native trees as well as fruit trees, vines and shrubs hardy in DeKalb County. Take advantage of cold weather for tree planting and tree care.


Need More Information?

Contact Kyla Van Deusen at or 678-874-7138